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AgroAi is constantly evolving, we have integrated our plant disease detection system, while still making major improvements in its performance. We are also integrating new jaw dropping features from disease prevention systems for plants and live stock to early warning systems. AgroAi is able to tell you if your crops are sick, tell you which disease your crops are affected by and tell you how to cure your crops. We have focused on maximizing profit generation for your system and we are pleased to announce to you that every app will be tailored for the needs of its user. The use of our system still remains as simple as taking a picture, and with one of the most advanced and fastest growing form of technology today, Artificial Intelligence, as your partner in progress because your progess is our progress and to us your progress comes first.


An Application of Artificial Intelligence In The Field Of Agriculture.

Leveraging the capabilities of todays mobile phone which are millions of times more powerful than the space craft that took the first man to the moon, we are bringing artificial intelligence on an offline platform to help you save your crops, harvest more, eat healtheir foods with the guarantee that you would earn more.


Say Hi to AgroAI, the software that uses machine vision on your mobile device. Look at your crops through this powerful lens known as AgroAI and tell if your crops are healthy or not. Identify the crop diseases your plants are suffering from in less than 30 seconds with the use of a single picture.


At the backend of our software is a custom built artificial brain, this facility enables our software think, as if it were alive with the expertise of a person who has trained in its field of application. At the moment our focus is to detect your crop diseases and give you solutions but more juicy features are on their way.


Researchers, Students and Lecturers in the field of agriculture can leverage the capabilities of our software. With the world moving rapidly towards the ever advancing cutting edge technology, it is only proper to train and develop results and solutions using cutting edge tools. Be the edge by using AgroAI.


By integrating paystack, one of the best indigenous payment platforms in Nigeria, with our software we guarantee you a secure online payment system, at affordable prices. You can choose from our weekly, monthly or yearly payment options.


How The App Works?


Upon lauching our app you will be required to sign-up with your user name and a secure password, if you aare already signed up, you will be logged in automatically. Please endeavour to keep your log-in information safe.

Take A Picture

Your camera will be immediately loaded up, this will allow you take a picture of the leaves showing disease symptoms, you can then crop and resize. Click on the buttom left corner to reveal more options you can interact with.


After taking the picture, you can then use the information your have provided to our software to obtain results.It is an easy simple and staringht forward process which you can easily carry out, in your farm, lab or any other place.


The results obtained are based on the input to the software. The results will contain information about the diagnosed disease and the possible solutions.

Some Features To Look Forward To.

Here are a list of amazing features we can look forward to, we are putting a list of feature that will be present in our launch version so please look forward to more amazing features in the coming updates.

Cloudless System

The majority of software offering services related to artificial intelligence carry this out with the use of a cloud server the system has to connect to. Our software provides perform better and faster becaused the major components are offline.

Image Recognition

Perfoming facial recognition on plants is a fancy way to describe our systems operation. We applying one of the most secure and accepted means of identification to detect the diseases of your crops.

Always Secure

We are guarenteeing you a secure means of storing our users information, a secure means of payment.With a team od developers constantly working to improve the security provided, we assure that all information collected are in safe, secure hands.

Meet Our Team!

Author image

Folahan is the creator of "Agro A.I" and CEO I/O Agriculture. He has implemented several A.I driven systems from the machine vision object and facial recognition systems to predictive systems as well as embedded systems.

Akinsola Adefolahan @mrnninster
Author image

Bilaal is the core mobile app developer on the team, he is the magic maker behind the our apps. He's an undergraduate developer with a lot of interest in innovative technology and innovating technology.

Bilaal Salman @Non_Nullable
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John is a creative designer, with 2+ experience. He enjoys using new technologies to communicate his ideas and designs.

Banjoko John @thisisjorn

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We will be reducing significantly the cost of discerning the disease affecting your crops by reducing to a significantly high amount the need to get a botanist to diagnose your plants. Offering an immediate go to system when sign that your crops may be diseased are observed, and many more. All these services we plan to provide at affordable prices, as these prices have not yet been decided we are unable to announce them at this time.




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